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Our Purpose and Mission

We believe that the people of Earth deserve healthy food to eat and a healthy environment to live in.

We also believe that farmers who work hard to provide our food deserve to make a good living while doing it.

It is our mission to help farmers around the world grow healthier, more productive plants.

Fulvio Balmelli is an independent
researcher in Como, Italy. He has spent over 30 years researching a new technology to eliminate disease and
dysfunction in the human body. Over 20 years ago, he began applying this technology to plant biology to improve a plant’s nutrient density and increase its resilience to pests and disease. His hard work has now paid off in a revolutionary
new product, the Kyminasi Plants Booster. His greatest joy is hearing success stories from farmers who are benefiting mankind and making more money by growing healthier food with his Kyminasi Plants Booster technology.

Francesco Arlia Jr is a Certified Public
Accountant who specializes in forensic and defense cases. He is the co-author of an Amazon best selling book “The Tax
Detective” and his accounting firm holds a 91-0 record in defending clients in audits and forensic cases. In 2014, after
Mr. Balmelli saved his mother’s life with his breakthrough Kyminasi technology, he decided to devote his life to bringing
Kyminasi technology to the world. Mr. Arlia began by funding the remaining research to complete the Kyminasi Plant
Booster technology to revolutionize the agricultural industry worldwide. He knows that this technology will helps farmers make more money and improve the environment, while growing healthier, more nutritious food for people around the world.

Jim Kurtz is the Executive Director of Harvest Harmonics. He had a successful career in marketing in a variety of industries for over 12 years. He also comes with a food supply chain background as a consultant with SYSCO Food Service for over 5 years generating millions in their sales division. He instantly recognized this opportunity to help the farming industry and food supply chains worldwide using his combined skillsets.

Brett Miller grew up on a farm in central Illinois where his family has raised corn, soybeans and purebred Angus cattle since 1902. He is an agricultural engineer and management consultant specializing in new product marketing who has had the good fortune to work with clients from a dozen industries in twenty-eight countries. Brett joined the Harvest Harmonics team as Chief Technology Officer in 2019 and is thrilled with the opportunity to bring this revolutionary technology to farmers worldwide.

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