Kyminasi increases eggplant production by 30%

Date: Sept 5, 2019

Place: Edible Acres Farm, Tonasket, WA

Details: Edible Acres is a 12 acre organic farm in Tonasket, Washington USA. It lies on the northern border with Canada. Art Heinemann is known for the high quality of his fruits and vegetables.

Art installed the Kyminasi Plant Booster on his farm beginning in 2017. He has tested the Kyminasi tech on several varieties of fruit and vegetables.

In June 2019, he planted several varieties of eggplant.


The plants were still blooming in September, which is at the end of his season. The plants were a dark green and full of vigor. Art remarked that they are behaving as if they were receiving a high-powered fertilizer, despite the fact that he used less fertilizer than before. He counted 12 eggplants per plant, which was 30% greater than prior years, and yet the quality was “beyond reproach”


See the full video here:



Date: august 13, 2020


Place: Bulandhshehr,Uttarpradesh,INDIA


Details:The area where Eggplant is grown on field was almost about an Acre in Bulandhshehr,Uttarpradesh


After almost 1 month of watering with KPB tech the farmer could see visible changes in crop:

1.Increase in size

2.Better colour of Eggplant(VIGOUR)

3.There were less Insects compared to the field where Eggplant was grown without KPB tech.





The first time Eggplant was plucked the farmer assured of about 15-20% growth in Kyminasi field compared to the control field.


Total growth is expected to increase till 30% after watering more with Kyminasi tech until next time Eggplant is ready to pluck.

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