Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Kyminasi Plant Booster?

Kyminasi Plant Booster is the name of the new signaling system based on highly advanced micro-transmitters. They were developed by Swiss Researcher Fulvio Balmelli over the past 20 years. See video here: https://youtu.be/DnAFovmIq3c

Who is Harvest Harmonics?

Harvest Harmonics is the USA distributor of the KYMINASI Plant Booster system.

How long has Harvest Harmonics been in business?

Organic Earth Tech was founded in 2014 and began promoting and testing the Kyminasi Plant Booster at that time. In 2019, the company was rebranded as Harvest Harmonics, to avoid a confusion that our product can only be used by organic farmers.

Why did it take 5 years to launch the Kyminasi Plant Booster system?

In 2014, the Kyminasi Plant micro-transmitters could only accommodate water flow rates of 5 gallons per minute (GPM). At that flow rate, the technology wasn’t suitable for commercial agriculture.

In 2015, the system was improved and the resulting pipe systems could handle 12 to 20 GPM. This allowed us to test on several farms and prove that the Kyminasi technology produces stellar results, including yield increases of 15-20%. However, the technology wasn’t suitable for commercial agriculture yet as it was still very expensive to produce.

From 2016-2018, further improvements in the technology increased the maximum water flow slightly. These improvements brought the cost down considerably, to about $500 per acre. However, though we sold some devices, the price point was still too high for most farmers to buy our systems.

December 2018, a major breakthrough was made in the Kyminasi technology. The biophysical algorithms were improved, and the resulting Kyminasi Plant Booster system was able to handle water flows of up to 2600 gallons per minute. This greatly increased the coverage area and reduced the cost per acre to only $175 per acre per year.

November 2019, Mr. Balmelli through advanced testing was now able to improve the signal strength at the new higher speeds of delivery and 8X improve the strength of the micro-transmitter. Our phenomenal system now produces amazing results and is affordable for every farmer worldwide.

How does it work?

This video explains how our technology works:

How the Kyminasi Plant Booster works

The first thing to keep in mind is that our technology is new. It hasn’t existed before now. The Kyminasi Plants Booster technology is a non-chemical catalyst that enhances nutrient absorption and plant metabolism using precise radio frequencies to “tune” the inherent molecular vibrations in plants to optimum function. Over 3000 unique signals are programmed onto small, silicon based micro-transmitters.

These micro-transmitters are mounted on the metal pipe fittings of an irrigation system near the water source. The devices activate when water first flows past them. No power system is required. As water flows through the irrigation system, the Kyminasi Plant Booster system sends specific signals into the water. When plants absorb the water, these signals affect the 6 most vital aspects of plant growth and production.

How does water carry the signals?

Water has many qualities: it is a conductor, and it also is a transporter of information. For example, dolphins and whales communicate through water using signals at specific frequencies. We have tapped into this natural technology. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWLPFK3sXdw

How do the signals stay suspended in water after it stops flowing?

All signals eventually dissipate. The Kyminasi Plant Booster signals dissipate over time (not related to water flow), depending on environmental conditions. Recent studies have demonstrated that the plants absorb the frequencies immediately and therefore the signals do not stay in the ground very long. If the frequency infused water is kept in a glass jar they can last up to two weeks based on recent testing.

How long do the signals last in the environment once issued through the irrigation system?

1-4 days, depending on environmental factors.

How do the signals enhance photosynthesis?

We have decoded specific signals that are directly related to improving the efficiency of growth and specifically the photosynthesis process. The areas of improvement are as follows:

1) Water and oxygen absorption 2) Nitrogen absorption and use 3) Nitric Oxide absorption and use 4) Light absorption and use {light reaction photosynthesis} 5) Carbon Dioxide absorption and use 6) Glucose metabolism efficiency (dark reaction photosynthesis 24/7) 7) Soil fertility (direct and indirect benefit of Kyminasi Plant Booster)

Have you tested this at a university? Do you have peer-reviewed studies on it?

Yes, we’ve tested it at a highly recognized facility in Italy. We have a certification that clearly explains that our micro-transmitter system will not harm the plants (see summaries below). Download our entire trial at the bottom of our science page

Summary of Toxicity Trial

The researchers found that using the Kyminasi Plants Booster (KPB) technology

did NOT inhibit germination or growth of the plants tested. The report states:

“The results of the growth test with spring barley showed no phytotoxicity of

the water treatment system.”

Summary of Activated Water Trial

Purpose: To test whether Kyminasi Plants Booster (KPB) technology can alter nutrient absorption in plants.

The researchers found that Kyminasi Plants Booster (KPB) technology could alter

the uptake of various minerals in Kagran variety cabbage lettuce. The report states:

“Positive effects (increased absorption of plants irrigated with treated water)

were found for nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc; on the contrary, for the elements potassium, iron and for phosphorus, copper and sodium the absorption was superior in the control plants (untreated water).”

We are currently working with Dr Randall P. Niedz Ph.D. of the USDA in Port St Lucie, FL. Dr Niedz is overseeing and reporting on the results of our field tests in the citrus industry in Florida. See his letter of cooperation here:

Letter of Cooperation - Dr Randall Niedz

Negotiations are in progress (Early 2020) with other top agricultural universities and research facilities around the world.

We are currently (Early 2020) starting studies with USA agricultural universities:

University of Florida – Dr. Freeman Ph.D.

All other documented, successful results are based on farmer case studies, as our technology is designed for any variable environment. To be cost effective technology needs to be used in real-world conditions to prove its efficiency and value. We rely more on actual field studies with scientific farmers.

What (which) farmers are using this? How many?

Currently, we have 49 farms in the United States, and over 100 additional farms around the world, with approximately 10,000 acres under production.

Have you tested this on all crops?

Kyminasi Plant Booster was designed to enhance all plant types. We have a certification that the product will not harm any plant. However, with over 300,000 plant types worldwide, it is physically impossible to test every plant. What we know is that the technology has produced stellar results with every farmer.

How is the product installed?

All Kyminasi Plant Booster systems up to 3 inch pipes are plumbed directly into the irrigation system, usually near the pump source. Larger configurations require an on-site installation, which is included in the cost. We send a certified and approved irrigation specialist to install the Kyminasi Plant Booster system at no additional cost to you. We will also work with your preferred irrigation specialist at your request. See the video here: https://youtu.be/DnAFovmIq3c

Will I have to change the way I run my Farm?

No. Provided you qualify to use our Kyminasi Plant Booster systems, you will not need to change the way you operate your farm. It is highly recommended that you increase the watering intervals to help the plants grow with our technology, while keeping your standard watering amount consistent with your standard practices. For example: Normal irrigation is 1x per week 7 inches of water, change to 7x per week 1 inch per day.

Does the technology change the water?

Water is simply the carrier system for our micro-transmitter system. However, we do also provide signals that make the water more absorbable by the plant. The Kyminasi Plant Booster provides some visible differences in the molecular orientation of our treated water. We conducted a freeze test of both treated and untreated water samples and discovered that the treated water takes on a polarization effect and is more structured versus the plain untreated water.

Does it use magnets?

No. It uses signals distributed via a micro-transmitter.

Is it a fertilizer?

No. It enhances and makes more efficient the use of fertilizers.

Is it certified organic?

It is not certified, however, as it does not add anything to the water or chemically change the soil or plants in any way, our technology is fully compatible with organic growing methods.

Does it have an OMRI number (organic certification)?

OMRI has stated that they cannot evaluate our micro-transmitter system, as they do not certify devices, only chemical inputs. There is nothing about our biophysical signaling system that is incompatible with organic growing methods.


Does the number of plants per acre affect the effectiveness of the Kyminasi Plant Booster technology?

No. Our technology is based on the water flow rate in gallons per minute and the total linear distance that the water travels from pump to plant, water intervals, and number of acres and size of pipe. Currently our technology can handle up to 2600 gpm and can travel up to 5200 feet from the pump at full speed.

Having more plants per acre will actually benefit the farmer, as our technology improves the germination rate and consistency on the field.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends. Every farm is different, and we’ve seen results in as few as 12 days, while other crops took 30 days or more to show significant changes. What we’ve noticed is that the more frequently a farmer irrigates with Kyminasi Plant Booster, the faster they see the results.

What is the impact on fruit production?

Every farm, crop, soil quality, water quality and environment is different. This effects fruit production. We are seeing a consistent average of 10%-20% increase in growth rate on our farms in 2019-2020. To ensure that the farmer is getting a good return on their investment, we typically install an affordable starter kit and allow the farmer to see and measure results that our technology will produce.

Does the Kyminasi Plant Booster prevent or cure disease?

The Kyminasi Plant Booster technology does not directly prevent or cure diseases in plants. The Kyminasi Plant Booster is designed to improve the health and vigor of the plant through improving 7 key factors of plant and soil health:

1) Water and oxygen absorption

2) Nitrogen absorption and use

3) Nitric Oxide absorption and use

4) Light absorption and use {light reaction photosynthesis}

5) Carbon Dioxide absorption and use

6) Glucose metabolism efficiency (dark reaction photosynthesis 24/7)

7) Soil fertility (direct and indirect benefit of Kyminasi Plant Booster)

In this way, the Kyminasi Plant Booster should naturally improve its ability to resist disease.

Does your technology affect pollinators (i.e. bees)?

The signals used in the Kyminasi Plant Booster micro-transmitters emit very low-level radio wave signals. We have not seen any negative effects to helpful insects such as bees or other pollinators.

Is this technology patented?

No. This technology is new and advanced. The equipment used to program the technology does not exist as it was developed by the inventor. The inventor has decided not to patent the specific technology and or algorithms used in the Kyminasi Plant Booster technology. The technology and information used remain a trade secret and can’t be reverse engineered.

Is this technology a consumable or mechanical product?

The product is mechanical. It is a New Technology utilizing micro-transmitters in the low-frequency radio wave band that has never been explored before in agriculture until now. We are the future of farming.

Can the KYMINASI Plant Booster be used in hydoponic or aquaponic growing?

No. Our technology was designed for standard growing only as standard growing covers 95% of the growing industry. We continue to advance our technology and will advise the public when we have developed a water growing system.

Are you electrifying the water?

No. There is no electricity associated with our technology. We are using low frequency radio waves. See this video: Brett Miller Science Explanation

Are you manipulating the semiotic acid communication of plants?

At this time we know and understand that we are effecting these 7 areas of a plant and its environment. We can speculate, but we can’t say for sure that we are directly effecting the plant’s semiotic acid.

The areas of improvement are as follows:

1) Water and oxygen absorption 2) Nitrogen absorption and use 3) Nitric Oxide absorption and use 4) Light absorption and use {light reaction photosynthesis} 5) Carbon Dioxide absorption and use 6) Glucose metabolism efficiency (dark reaction photosynthesis 24/7) 7) Soil fertility (direct and indirect benefit of Kyminasi Plant Booster)

Have you done any trials with citrus yet?

We are currently conducting many trials with citrus and are experiencing a mixture of results as the citrus industry in general is fighting a devastating disease called Citrus Greening amongst other challenges. We have demonstrated improvements in citrus in the USA, Chile and Mexico. See our case studies page for more details.

Why does the technology only last 2 years?

Based on surveys conducted on hundreds of farmers it was determined that farmers wanted a product that would last at least two years. To increase the time delivery beyond two years would significantly increase the costs of programming, therefore we decided to keep it at two years for everyone’s benefit.

How much does it cost?

The average cost per acre/per year is $175, depending on your irrigation configuration. The number of acres, linear distance to reach all plants, irrigation system and water flow rates of your system determine the number of micro-transmitters required to service the farm. Each farm is custom designed and installed.

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