Grass gets healthy and green with Kyminasi. 30% improvement in density.

Date: Dec 23, 2019- Jan 5, 2020

Place: Trujillo, Peru

Details: Kyminasi Plant Booster installed on a well-used soccer field. Despite many attempted solutions, the field remained brown and unhealthy.  


After 2 weeks, the Kyminasi Plant Booster field grew healthier, thicker and greener than before. The field owner  reported that his patches started filling in and the grass was more dense with an estimated 30% improvement. He is now booking more events than before due to the improved look and health of the field. Kyminasi saved his business.

In another nearby park, the Kyminasi Plant Booster was installed just before Christmas. Once again, in 2 weeks, the grass improved in color, grew denser and looked healthier.

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