Pest Resistance

Kyminasi increases pest resistance 

Date: August 8, 2017

Place: Harvest Harmonics Headquarters, Clearwater FL

Details: We were running a time-lapse experiment on two side-by-side planters using an indoor LED growing light system. We used a mixture of soil and organic potting soil and planted wheatgrass, cucumbers and Vinca flowers from seed. We planted approximately 10 seeds per variety per planter.

The purpose of the experiment was to show the difference in growth rate between plants watered with Kyminasi Plant Booster technology and regular water.

After one week, the experiment was interrupted by Hurricane Irma. We were forced to evacuate the office for 5 days. During this time, we were unable to water or otherwise tend to the plants.

Results: Upon returning to the office, we checked on the planters and noticed that the control planter was completely infested with fungus gnats: on the plants, in the soil and around the inside walls of the planter. The Kyminasi Plant Booster planter was virtually free of insects, despite being right next to the other planter. We recorded a video of what we found here:


Based on the results above, we have concluded that the Kyminasi Plant Booster technology significantly increased the natural pest resistance of the plants.

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