Can COVID-19 Be Prevented by Healthy Eating?

It is no secret that a strong and healthy immune system, created in large part by nutrition and exercise, can be an incredibly powerful defense tool when it comes to avoiding illness in general. And while there are no foods known at this time that prevent or can “cure” coronavirus, according to recent studies conducted in light of COVID-19, obesity levels do help play a significant part in whether a person is more susceptible to catching and recovering from coronavirus.

According to an article on the World Bank website1, “with so many people falling ill from the coronavirus (COVID-19), unhealthy diets are contributing to pre-existing conditions that put them more at risk.” And according to a New York Times article2, some of the reasons for why we know obesity plays a significant factor in coronavirus mortality rates are because “obesity causes restricted breathing, making it more difficult to clear pneumonia and other respiratory infections. Fat is biologically active and a source of pro-inflammatory chemicals, promoting a state of chronic inflammation in the body even before Covid-19 sets in. Obesity causes metabolic changes and abnormalities, even in the absence of diabetes.”

Eating a healthy, enriching diet in accordance with the U.S Department of Agriculture’s guidelines3 is essential for keeping your immune system healthy and fat content levels low to help increase your defenses in case you come in contact with coronavirus. Visiting your local farmer’s markets is

a great way to stock up your kitchen with the freshest produce while also

directly supporting local farmers and the agricultural industry during these tough times.

Agricultural technology company Harvest Harmonics is helping farmers around the world produce more fruitful crops, but also by increasing crop yield and profitability for farmers in return.

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