Tangerine trees grow faster and flower earlier; demonstrating a 30% increase in growth rate.

Date: December 2019-January 2020

Place: La Calera Farm, Chincha, Peru

Details: We installed Kyminasi Plant Booster on 1.5 ha (3.75 acres) of a grove of tangerines in December 2019 in Peru. La Calera has over 4500 hectares (11,250 acres) of citrus, avocados, table grapes and other fruit.

The tangerine seedlings were about a month old when the validation began.


The Kyminasi Plant Booster trees grew faster,

with more leaves and even began flowering

after 26 days. The farmer suggested that the

growth of the Kyminasi treated trees

resembled 3 month old tree, not 2 month old trees.

The trees averaged 5cm taller.

The leaves are much greener as well, indicating

a much healthier plant than the control plant.

See the video below:

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