2017- Kyminasi tomatoes survive a fungus attack

2019-Kyminasi tomatoes produce high yield, high brix and better flavor (see video)

Date: Sept 5, 2019

Place: Edible Acres Farm, Tonasket, WA

Details: Edible Acres is a 12 acre organic farm in Tonasket, Washington USA. It lies on the northern border with Canada. Art Heinemann is known for the high quality of his fruits and vegetables.

Art installed the Kyminasi Plant Booster on his farm beginning in 2017. He has tested the Kyminasi tech on several varieties of fruit and vegetables.

In 2017, he planted heirloom tomatoes and did a comparison between a control group and test group watered with Kyminasi Plant Booster.


After 4 weeks, low light levels and a fungus combined to kill all of the control plants (left). The Kyminasi plants (right) survived, and when the light levels increased a couple of weeks later, they grew and started producing fruit.

Watch his testimonial here:

In 2019, Art again grew heirloom tomatoes using Kyminasi Plant Booster technology. The results a crop of tomatoes that are described as having more depth and flavor than other tomatoes, including heirlooms grown elsewhere. Whereas normally heirlooms are picked green, the Kyminasi tomatoes can be sold fresh for maximum flavor.

See our CEO’s interview with him here:

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