Kyminasi expected to increase crop yield by 15-20%

Date: November 2019-March 2020

Place: Rancho Santa Clara, Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico

Details: Rancho Santa Clara is a 250 hectare (625 acre) farm that grows corn, barley and triticale wheat. Kyminasi Plant Booster was installed in November 2019 on Triticale wheat crop in comparison to an untreated plot.  



The Kyminasi Plant Booster field grew much darker green, indicating more chlorophyll and better health than control plot.

The plant growth is much denser, which indicates a higher yield by weight than control crops.

Harvest is expected in early March. Estimated yield increase is 15-20%.

The farm owner is an agronomist and will be conducting soil tests, nutrient tests and production yield calculations.

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