British Farmers Look to Gene Editing for



Problems Harvest Harmonics Already Solved


According to recent reporting from The Guardian, while countries such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Japan have yet to allow gene editing in crops and farm animals, the UK government is looking in another direction.


Gene editing, deemed by scientists to be “at least as safe as plant breeding,” (The Guardian) “can produce nutrient-rich, highly productive, drought- and pest-resistant crop varieties much needed by small-scale farmers globally.” (Cornell, Alliance for Science). However, a completely safe and more organic, natural way of making these improvements in crops has already been discovered by researcher Fulvio Balmelli, inventor of Kyminiasi Plant-Booster Technology. 


The Kyminasi Plant-Booster uses ‘wave packets’ that send low-frequency radio waves through the irrigation water, and organically help plants grow fuller, more resistant to pests, more nutrient-dense, and to their overall fullest potential. With the use of this technology, Harvest Harmonics has proven to cause no harm to plants and make the most use out of farmers’ crops, without additional fertilizer or GMOs. 


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